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Here are some random images from the Begley family

Photos from the Adelia Rothwell family

Cardie's Puppies 1930's.jpg Card from Robin Begley to Mary -Judy- Reid 1985.jpg Adelia Rothwell (Beaumont) 1923 St Annes.jpg
Rothwell 1903 2hp Minerva.jpeg Graham Reid (14-).jpg Winnie, Arthur, Freddie (Back). Freddie, Adelia, Gerald (Front) Rothwell Family.jpg Patricia, Peter, Jean - Mary (at back) Reid 1942.jpg Patricia Begley (Reid) - Eva (Lamb) - Jack Begley c1963.jpg
Patricia Reid - Adelia -Granny- Rothwell (Beaumont).jpg Mary - Adelia Rothwell.jpg

Photos from the Mary Judith Reid family

Mary Beaumont Reid (Rothwell) 1925 (age17).jpg Alan Reid 1976.jpg Mary Beaumont Reid (Rothwell) 1927 (age19).jpg Mary - Freddie 1929.jpg
Jean, Graham, Patricia - Peter Reid 1956.jpg Winnie Rothwell 1929.jpg Mary Beaumont Reid (Rothwell) 1928 (age21)-2.jpg
Mary Beaumont Reid (Rothwell) 1927 (age18).jpg Elizabeth Anne - Tessa Rothwell 1956.jpg Arthur Rothwell 1929.jpg
Reids - Kinsey Family.jpg Graham Reid C1970.jpg Arthur - Adelia Rothwell 1926.jpg
Freddie - Gerald Rothwell 1926 -2.jpg Arthur Rothwell (78) 1984.jpg Freddie - Gerald Rothwell 1926.jpg
Michael Kinsey, Graham - Peter Reid 1957.jpg Robin Begley 1968.jpg Mary, Adelia, Gerald, Arthur - Winnie +1 Summer 1917.jpg
3 Generations of Donald Mackay's 1952.jpg Robin Begley 1969.jpg

Photos from the Pat Begley family

Joseph E Ward Hat.jpg Thomas Lamb Truck.jpg Joseph E Ward Hat Outer.jpg Spring Villa, Longsight.jpg
Joseph E Ward Hat Label 2.jpg Joseph E Ward Hat Label.jpg Thomas Lamb Yard Gorton Road.png
TL with Daughters.jpg TL with Eva.jpg Thomas Lamb Workshop.jpg
TL Young.jpg Thomas Lamb Lorry.jpg Thomas Lamb Yard.jpg
Thomas Lamb Yard Today.jpg TL with Eva 2.jpg TL with daughters V old.jpg
Michael '55.jpeg EA + A Winnie + me '47.jpeg 2pic b.jpeg
family Aug.jpeg Granny ++.jpeg